About Domestica

Domestica Rotterdam is an ensemble formed in 1997 by musicians from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. The ensemble’s focus is in unusual repertoire and arrangements, concerts, chamber operas and (educational) musical theatre. Domestica Rotterdam derives its name from Richard Strauss’ Sinfonia Domestica, the theme of which is ‘in our home’.

Upcoming concerts

Verborgen [translation: hidden] is a series of five narrative concerts by music ensemble Domestica Rotterdam and storyteller Elena Peeters. The series focusses on hidden stories behind the known events in present and history.

The diverse voices in the narrative are interwoven like a fugue through the music from renaissance, baroque and contemporary time. Especially for this series, a new arrangement of Bachs Das Wohltemperierte Klavier was written for our string ensemble and digital harpsichord. A modern touch comes from John Cage’s 44 harmonies from Apartment House 1776, and two new compositions by students of Codarts.

Verborgen broederschap [hidden brotherhood]
Sunday 22 August 2021, Heerenhuyskamerconcerten

Verborgen verleden [hidden past]
Wednesday 8 September 2021, Laurenskerk

Next seizoen 2021-2022 we will produce four concerts in which the voice and opera repertoire are central.

Il re pastore
Tuesday 16 November 2021, Laurenskerk

Christmas concert
Monday 20 December 2021, Laurenskerk

Bel canto
Wednesday 16 March 2022, Laurenskerk

Lied repertoire concert
Wednesday 25 May 2022, Laurenskerk

Contact information

Please, contact us if you have questions, or if you are looking for more information about Domestica Rotterdam.

Wim Steinmann Artistic Director
Email wimsteinmann@domesticarotterdam.nl
Telephone +31 [0] 6-55 89 82 41

Eelco Beinema Programming
Email eelcobeinema@domesticarotterdam.nl
Telephone +31 [0] 70-360 70 13

Fien Duijnmayer Business manager
Email fien@domesticarotterdam.nl
Telephone +31 [0] 6-127 186 35