Rotterdams ensemble gespecialiseerd in theatrale muziekprojecten
Componiste Natalia Kharetskaya met Domestica Rotterdam © Hélène van Domburg Fotografie

Natalia Kharetskaya schreef voor het verhalende concert Anna Magdalena Bach een nieuwe compositie. We stelden haar drie vragen!


Tell something about yourself, who are you and what for music do you compose?

My name is Natalia, I am a composer and a vocalist. My journey in professional music started with singing, and later I turned to writing songs and composing. I was fortunate to be admitted at Codarts Jazz Composition department, where I was challenged to write music for various instruments and ensembles. For me music is magic and I guess that’s my reason and motivation to compose – to get close to this magic and be part of it.


What is Aviary Canary about?

It is about accepting the fate. An aviary canary is safe, which is important for her surviving. But with its beautiful singing it is meant to entertain the owners and their guests. Maybe a perfect fate for a woman is to pour all the creative energy into her family?
I dare to compare the lives of women today: we much more freedom to express ourselves, than women had in the XVIII century. The other question is, of course, if this freedom makes us happy?


Something special about the composition – some thing the audience can listen for?

I structured the composition in three parts: freedom, capture and acceptance. In each part I try to musically express the theme. Must say, that there are different moods in each theme, but I will leave that to the imagination of the audience.