Rotterdams ensemble gespecialiseerd in theatrale muziekprojecten

Marianthie Makropoulo, student aan Codarts, componeerde voor ons verhalende concert ‘Mona Lisa’ een nieuwe werk: Wanderer in a Glass Prison. In de compositie loopt Mona Lisa in de diepte van haar eigen schilderij. Al dwalend door de straten van Parijs reist ze door de tijd, langs haar bewonderaars en de interpretaties van Leonardo da Vinci’s meesterwerk. We stelden Marianthie drie vragen op dit muziekstuk.


Tell something about yourself: who are you and what kind of music do you compose?

I am Marianthie and I play the piano ever since I can recall being alive. I am an admirer of every art form, but what intrigues me the most is composing my own music. I always try to experiment with different genres and elements I derive from music of various eras, so I would say that my music has an ever changing identity, which can be quite an adventure.


What inspired you to write Wanderer in a Glass Prison?

The inspiration for “Wanderer in a Glass Prison” came from one of the most popular paintings in the world (Mona Lisa), but mostly from my desire to wander into the depths of the painting and explore what I can’t see when I look at it. I tend to imagine Lisa going for a walk at night when nobody watches her standing still behind her “glass prison”, inside or outside her surroundings. Who that character can truly be, what she can do, is just the projection of one’s imagination, so, in that case, the sky is the limit!


What can the audience experience listening to the piece?

I believe that everyone experiences music in a different manner, so I wouldn’t like to dictate a specific way to listen to it, but I will just say that it can be like a walk through various soundscapes.