Rotterdams ensemble gespecialiseerd in theatrale muziekprojecten

Rodolfo Stornfelt (1996) is een componist uit Lima, Peru. Hij studeert momenteel compositie aan Codarts. Zijn muziek kenmerkt zich door het vertellen van een verhaal. Zo ook de compositie Water in Clay, die hij speciaal schreef voor ons aankomende online concert van 4 - 6 juni. In dit stuk neemt hij ons mee naar de klanken van het Andes gebergte. Hieronder vertelt hij over zijn inspiratie voor de compositie.

"Like a massive backbone of stone, the Andes mountains traverse the entire latitude of the Peruvian landscape. Their vast geography is home to a great diversity of people, with their own languages, music, culture, and customs.

But it is not my home.

I am not from the Andes, and although I am Peruvian, I would never claim the culture of the Andes as my own. I grew up in Lima, the capital. I was raised by a wealthy family,  mid very western and internationally oriented circles. From within this insular bubble, the folkloric sounds of the Andes were always distant, the culture and color of the Andean people veiled, their reality hidden.

In my early adulthood however, I have explored my country more thoroughly. I’ve traveled to deep and rural places and I have broken bread and shared a roof with people of profoundly humble means. I have enjoyed their generosity and delighted in their stories and conversation. I have looked closely into their lives and discovered a strong, kind, festive and colorful people: the true lifeblood of my country.

By using motifs from Andean music, “Water in Clay” tries to illustrate this process of
revelation, of unmasking. I bring the beauty of this hidden culture out of the shadows and into the light for all to see. It is my way to honor that which I have found, and which so desperately deserves my respect."

Vrijdag 4 juni om 19.30 uur gaat Water in Clay in première tijdens onze online uitzending.

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Op de foto zien we Rodolfo en Wim overleggen tijdens de repetitie van Water in Clay.